Millwork Supplier Committed to Exceeding Customer Expectations

Who is JorEl?

In 1938 the fictional character JorEl was first developed as a scientist who sends his son, KalEl, to the planet Earth.  KalEl would later be known as Superman and remains one of DC Comic’s most successful franchises.

Through the years the character of JorEl would be portrayed by some of the most famous actors including Christopher McDonald, Russell Crowe and Marlon Brando.

It was also in 1938, that the family founders of JorEl Millwork created a small millwork company who’s standard was the sale and distribution of quality building products.  A simple and honest concept that continues today.  From DCI custom entry doors to the smallest piece of moulding, attention to the finest detail remains the primary focus.  Three generations later the thinking remains the same – quality is the best business plan.  Today the company continues to evolve with the commitment to the builder and architectural community to source and supply the finest millwork products.